At Hands of Grace, one of our mission goals is to reduce isolation by eliminating barriers to life enhancing services and events for the elderly and disabled. We work with other agencies to ensure there is no duplication of services and to bridge any gaps in services within the county through our transportation program.

Transportation is provided through our volunteer base and also by utilizing our handicapped accessible vehicle (HAV). We offer a unique service with our transportation program that other agencies do not. Our ministry offers transportation to life events such as weddings, reunions and Christmas gatherings, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This keep families connected and reduces isolation. We also assist those we serve by providing door to door service so that people arrive safely to their destination.

In 2015, we traveled 35,959 miles which is equivalent to circling the world two times! In our rural county, our transportation program is one of the most utilized services that Hands of Grace offers.