Adult Day Center

Adult Day Center

The Hands of Grace Adult Day Center is a unique resource in Fulton County providing respite for families who are caring for a loved one, yet who also need to be able to continue with the daily activities of their busy lives.


We are an organization that works with families caring for their loved ones who have cognitive or physical limitations. We facilitate the provision of respite services that contribute to the sustaining and enriching of a family's quality of life.


  • In the importance of the family and respite's capability to strengthen both the family and the care receiver.
  • That every family member has gifts, can contribute to, and is a valued member of the community.
  • That respite strengthens both the family and the care receiver.
  • In meeting a family's needs on an individual basis through the provision of responsive respite services.
  • That the involvement of caring and compassionate people creates positive relationships and opportunities that enhance our community.

The compassionate staff at our adult day center create programming and activities tailored around individual interests and provide the same care for your loved one as they care for their own families. We enjoy taking day trips to the zoo, Sauder Village, and other local points of interest including area parks during the spring, summer and fall.

What are the benefits of our adult day center services?

  1. 1. Reduce isolation which can lead to depression
    2. Alleviate stress for the person receiving the caring services and for the family or caregiver
    3. Helps to maintain and increase a feeling of independence
    4. Improves quality of life
    5. A safe and caring environment
    6. Transportation provided to the center and home for Fulton County residents



We also schedule and facilitate Caregiver Support Group meetings on the third Friday of each month. The support group meetings offer a safe place for caregivers, family and friends of those with dementia and other debilitating ailments to meet and develop a mutual support system.

It's a place to:

  • Exchange practical information on caregiving problems and possible solutions
  • Talk through challenges and ways of coping
  • Share feelings, needs and concerns

The support group meetings are open to the public.

To see our facility or for more information, please call the office at 419-822-3556 or email